Serious Games / learning games

The principles

Serious games immerse learners in a professional yet fun environment where they must use their skills to carry out their assigned mission.

For example, a doctor has to make sure that people wash their hands in order to combat nosocomial infections, a hotel manager must assign 4 rooms to 7 potential guests, or a salesperson must ask a prospect the right questions and help him or her find the "right" product...

As they act as an incentive for learners to be trained, these modules can be used on their own, in a classroom setting or incorporated into online training.

e-teach helps you create and develop scenarios for these modules.

How ?

e-teach offers you a comprehensive approach that covers the following :
  • Analysis of the content to be taught and drafting of a teacher's manual
  • Writing of scenarios and functional definition of the learning game
  • Module design and mediatization
  • Development and integration
  • Broadcast and follow-up